Live Cam Xxx was one of the first big names to get into online dating. They were in the business of adult videos and really couldn’t see much difference between the two.

Voice chat or text chat with others

Live Cam Xxx would take up-to-the-minute pictures of your every move. You got a monthly membership fee and paid up when you wanted to be a member. At that point, they would keep your camera hidden until you needed it.

It worked out okay. The membership fee was not the most expensive but since there were no worries about sharing your photos with anyone, people did not mind paying it. For a little bit more, you could get full access which would let you upload more photos and videos and keep them on file for a longer period of time.

The way Xxx worked was simple. The “model” would sit on a chair in front of a monitor and look at a camera as it followed her around. The model could also interact with others by sending them messages or talking to them and even make phone calls.

You never saw the actual webcam, it would only show you what was going on in front of it. Many companies would leave out features like voice chat or text chat with others, so you were left to play virtual ‘viral’ catch up and figure things out as you went along.

What level of interaction you wanted from your models?

Live Cam Xxx came out with their next version and it was free, so they decided to try something different. There were video cameras hidden throughout the store so the model could get a little more involved in what was going on.

You could choose what level of interaction you wanted from your “models”. From talking to them, sending them pictures, making calls orgetting as far as you could to just shooting. It worked really well, especially if you were shy and didn’t know anyone.

Live Cam Xxx ended up going under and the company moved on to other things. The idea was kind of interesting and I think a lot of people are curious about it. Not many companies have the guts to try something that daring.

People make a killing doing this

If you go to a Las Vegas casino, you can usually find signs that say “Live Cam Xxx” all over the place. In fact, they usually will come in very handy. However, there is no reason why a person couldn’t use an open web cam to make some cash in their spare time. I’ve seen people make a killing doing this.

Anyone can get started with Live Cam Xxx as long as they have an internet connection and some free time. It can get quite competitive, so you’ll want to be careful about how many pages you open each day.

As with anything you buy, you will get what you pay for with Live Cam Xxx. They have done a good job with marketing their product and this is what has made them popular.